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Dekorno Company has been active in distributing Korean wall paper products, laminate flooring and Turkish footwear since 2009.

The Concerno has a wide range of collections including wallpapers with special designs for each location that are perfectly suited to human health and are easily applicable. Wallpapers are also designed to be resistant to sunlight, wiped and resistant to decomposition.

Decororno, with its experienced staff, advises you on the latest Wallpaper Fashion, how to choose the wallpaper, the most preferred models, and your dear customers.

Decoro is ready to collaborate with beloved bands in cities and towns.

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ضمن عرض سلام و خیر مقدم به شما بازدیدکننده عزیز

به اطلاع می رساند وب سایت در حال بروزرسانی و تکمیل شدن می باشد از صبر

                                                              و شکیبایی شما متشکریم.